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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Cybersex | Virtual Sex LIVE

Cybersex | Live sex cam show | webcam girls

Let your erotic fantasies become reality even in times of Covid-19: Tia Escort now offers exclusive CyberSex dates via live webcam, in which we virtually bring our escorts into your 4 walls. Erotic live Cam2Cam dates with microphone without boredom and inhibitions!

Our Cyber Sex Models

Below we present our cybersex escorts. Feel strange skin without remorse. Let yourself be inspired by our high class cam girls, because this erotic adventure has no consequences ... 

28J. | 181cm | B-Cup
Not available today
29J. | 169cm | B-Cup
Not available today
33J. | 163cm | E-Cup
Available today
24J. | 162cm | B-Cup
Not available today
26J. | 165cm | C-Cup
Not available today
19J. | 175cm | B-Cup
Available today
31J. | 168cm | D-Cup
Available today
25J. | 169cm | C-Cup
Not available today
30J. | 179cm | B-Cup
Not available today
35J. | 169cm | D-Cup
Not available today
41J. | 160cm | B-Cup
Not available today

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Corona Virus demands flexibility in the Escort Service

Corona virus Covid 19

Corona was previously only known as a Mexican beer mix drink. But since 2020 at the latest, this term has been closely related to illness, fear and restrictions. Also in the area of escort services and all types of sex dates. Since the Corona Virus (also called Covid-19) severely restricted the entire life in Europe, services with customer contact, including escort and erotic services, have almost come to a standstill.

#stayathome | Digital Eroticism with Webcam Sex

A ban on contact and occasionally even curfews have the consequence that escort agencies are subject to a ban on work and - as before - classic "live" dates may not be realized. So that our escorts girls and customers do not have to be without each other completely, Tia Escort has launched virtual escort dates for cybersex: private, erotic and exclusive.

Cybersex Date live | Camsex high class

[Translate to English:] High Class Camgirl Camgirls

Webcam Sex [also called Camsex, C6 or CS] is absolutely trendy and is much more than just a strip in front of the camera. You are the director and your escort girl is the sexy leading actress who fulfills your every erotic wish. Just as with our escort hotel or home visits, you determine the outfit of the lady, the location and the schedule of the date, including eroticism and creative games. Take the reins in your hand or let your webcam escort girl lead and seduce you! Absolutely discreet and safe in your own erotic world - a sex date can hardly be better...

Date Character 

High Class Escort Models

Face to Face Video Chat via Webstream
Minimum Booking Time | Live Time 30 Min. [alternatively 60 Min. +]
Video and Communication live via FaceTime, Skype oder Zoom
Feel-good atmosphere [Escorts streaming from home or hotel]
Booking via booking from on Tia Escort Homepage
Clothing and erotic wishes are gladly taken into account

Booking Process | Virtual Escort Date

  Select model on the Tia Model Overview
  Select the "Cyberdate" service under the "Erotic Preferences" category and confirm with "Filter"
  Select your favorite model and click on booking request
  Set the booking duration for Cyberdate to 30 minutes or 60 minutes
  Enter your FaceTime ID or your Skype or Zoom username
  Please plan with a realistic lead time of 1-2 hours
  Fill out the booking form according to further instructions
  Preferably inquiries via email, booking request or SMS
  Confirmation from the agency
  Payment via real-time bank transfer SEPA instant payment or standard bank transfer [with more lead time]
  Received money
  Your Escort Girl will contact you at the agreed time about the requested service

Costs | Webcam Escorts Fees

The minimum booking period for a cybersex date of 30 minutes with one of our high class escort ladies costs 199 EUR.
If you would rather take more time and spend 60 minutes with a webcam escort girl live, you pay 299 Euros. A longer booking period for private cyber dates is of course also possible. Simply enter this wish in the "Adventure" field.

Payment | SEPA Instant Payment

For now, Tia Escort offers its customers the so-called SEPA Instant Payment method (in addition to the classic SEPA standard transfer), also known as real-time transfer. The IP is a payment method in cashless payment transactions in which a payment transaction from the customer, i.e. you, to our neutral business account takes a maximum of 10 seconds.

The prerequisite is that your bank offers sending. However, almost all major banks offer this function in their banking apps on their smartphones, including Commerzbank [it says "Real-time transfer" in the banking app], 1822direkt, Hypovereinsbank, DZ Bank, Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Santander, Sparkassen etc.

The fees range from 50 cents to EUR 1.50. They thus offer the counterpart to Paypal and Co., which however prohibit the payment of erotic services in their terms and conditions and are therefore not an option.

Of course, you do not have to enter "Tia Escort" as the recipient of the payment, just a neutral recipient name that the support team will send to you together with the Commerzbank account details.

We will provide you with other payment methods shortly. Please do not hesitate to ask our Tia Escort service team about the current status.

Added value compared to conventional Cam Girl Websites

Does the market need another cam girl site? Yes and no Indeed, the C6 market is saturated, but our offer is different.

  • Tia's Cyber ​​Escorts exclusively take your date, i.e. max. 1 cyber date a day. On CS sites you are one of many a day.
  • You determine when the date 2.0 should take place. On Camsex sites the lady of choice is usually not currently online or in another chat.
  • You can expect German-speaking, educated "Girl next door" ladies and no professional cam girls.
  • There are no spectators or listeners, just you and our high class escort. Camgirl portals keep reading from simultaneous translators in the background or visitors who can join a private chat.
  • At Tia you can express clothing wishes or erotic wishes in advance. Classic cam girls are less flexible in this regard.
  • Tia's cybersex prices are well defined. On C6 pages, these are often difficult to understand via points and rarely presented openly.
  • A 2 way audio and video communication awaits you. Keyboard work is often required on webcam sites, which significantly weakens the experience.
  • The women are dressed sexy before they undress. Not so on cam portals, where every head cinema is already taken.
  • With mutual sympathy there is the possibility [if lady offers classic escort] to meet them in a private date in a luxury hotel. Camgirls on conventional portals stay bits and bytes on the world wide web forever.
  • You are unsure and would like to get a taste of one of our high-class escorts before booking a personal meeting.
  • At Tia, a cyberdate does not require a subscription or registration. You will find subscription traps and term contracts elsewhere.
  • Payment via SEPA Instant Payment is safe and easy. On other sites, you usually have to leave your credit card information, especially abroad. Who wants that ...

Virtual Escort Dates target group

Business often means little time in everyday life. It is often not possible to book a hotel, arrival and departure etc. Sometimes the opportunity only came up at very short notice. A call to an escort agency is usually too late. At this point, such a date 2.0 represents a successful change.

Furthermore, men should be addressed who live in remote locations or are accommodated in rural hotels and still want to enjoy high-class escorts from major cities.

You are planning a holiday escort or a longer private date and would like to "sniff" first. Nothing easier than that. The Cyber ​​Date offers the optimal solution.

But maybe it's often a very simple financial decision. 199 EUR for 30 minutes is actually much less money than a 2 hour private date plus travel expenses, hotel and food. Men often have a lot of fun with their head cinema and what you see in front of the laptop or mobile phone.

Are you one of the Tia escort customers who wanted to meet a lady who wasn't flexible enough to travel or who had to put up with a long journey? Then there is at least the possibility to get to know them virtually but not less intimately.

There are dozens of other reasons ... it would be nice if you could come back to our new offer at that moment.

Don'ts | What is to be considered

At this point, we would like to point out that filming and distributing Cyber Date Live transmissions via FaceTime or Skype transmissions is prohibited according to Section 16 of the Copyright Act. If this right is violated, legal measures will result. Both parties agree to the establishment of such a cyber date.

In addition, this offer is aimed exclusively at persons over the age of 18 and / or adults [those in the country in which they live]. Minors are excluded from using the service.

Now it's up to you...

[Translate to English:] Cyber Date Camgirl Escort Model

Which gentleman voluntarily renounces the nice company of attractive women for a long time. Meet one of the classic Tia escort models in the livestream and create a little highlight in the middle of the long dry spell with an erotic cybersex date. So you get a sensual foretaste of the time after the Corona curfew when you visit your exclusive camgirl live and in private in the hotel or at home.