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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

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Escort Cologne Callgirls

Discover the metropolis of Cologne with one of our attractive Escort Ladies or the beautiful neighboring city of Bonn and create lasting memories of this beautiful city on the Rhine! "Kölle" is pure joie de vivre! Enjoy carefree days and hours with a cheerful and open-minded Escort Lady who shows you what the Rhenish attitude to life is.

The people of Cologne love dressing up - so how about a hot roleplaying game staged privately just for you? We bet our Cologne escort models have some sensual-sinful ideas and bring you an unforgotten blind date! May it be an old town stroll through Cologne pubs along the Gevatter Rhein? Or a candlelit dinner with a view of the river? A hot club night in sexy company of your Escort Cologne? Everything is possible with Tia's Cologne escort models from the stronghold of the carnival.

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If you do not know our high class Escort Cologne service yet, we would be very pleased about a first contact and convince you of our offer of high class escort models from Cologne. Our comprehensive website invites you to enjoy browsing! Here you will find authentic photos and lots of information about our escorts in Cologne. Service, preferences and all data for you at one click! Escort booking online - discreet and fast. At Tia Escort is not only high-class escort on it but also high-class escort in it and that on fair terms. You prefer personal and wish a comprehensive and trusting advice when planning your Escort Date Cologne? Our friendly team is at your disposal for a comprehensive consultation for your next VIP Escort Cologne experience. You can reach us via mail, contact or booking form or of course via telephone. Let us seduce you!



On our online presence you will find natural and reliable Escort Models from the Cologne area, which are not only characterized by attractiveness and sex appeal but also by their love of life, empathy and naturalness. All Tia Escorts are not "professional" ladies but of course, young women with desire for the "more" of love, lust and adventure! Just like you! So book now quite uncomplicated and discreet today your escort home visit or hotel visit by phone or directly here online. Any questions? Would you like help in organizing your Cologne Escort experience? The Tia team will be pleased to assist you personally and simply in all matters relating to eroticism, organization and all wishes that will make your escort service even more memorable.

Hotel Recommendations Cologne

Hotel Escort Service Cologne

  Kennedy-Ufer 2a
  Tel.: 02218281234

If you appreciate the usual high quality of the Hyatt chain, you will feel well in the Hyatt Cologne with your Escort Cologne lady. Its central location and close proximity to the city center, the classy design of the rooms and the exquisite food make for a visit to the posh Hyatt.

However, in order to be offered the right kind of company, opt for a Cologne Model Escort Service and experience an exciting evening for two.


Prices: ab 150 € | HRS Rating: 8,6 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: with Keycard


  Kaygasse 2
  Tel.: 022120080

Ever wanted to spend the night in a former water tower with an Escort Cologne Model? Is not mine? But in the hotel-in-the-water tower in Cologne, this vision becomes reality. The luxury hotel is visible from afar and offers pure security. If you do not value cool, pure design, but a home-like atmosphere then this is the place for you. If you want to realize your escort service Cologne projects in the water tower, call us. The access to the rooms is possible for our escorts Cologne Models even without a card.

Prices: from 140 € | HRS Rating: 8,2 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,0 von 5 | Access: without Keycard


  Turiner Straße 9
  Tel.: 022116230

Those looking for a change in the Cologne Escort Service and also with regard to their hotel will find what they are looking for in Savoy Cologne. The individual hotel, which does not belong to a chain, convinced with an unimaginable individuality. Each room has a different theme and is designed accordingly.

Cities / continents are taken up, which were excellently reproduced in their singularity. The guest feels like he is exactly in this place and not in the middle of Cologne. Share this experience with one of Tia Escort Cologne Models and create memories together.


Prices: from 75 € | HRS Rating: 8,5 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: without Keycard


  Messe-Kreisel 3
  Tel.: 0221277200

The Radisson Blu am Messekreisel in Cologne is the ideal hotel for your next visit to Cologne. Own after-work fitness and spa area, free high speed internet access, bar lounge and much more. But which man would like to spend the evening alone in such a wonderful city as Cologne?

Maybe you are looking for a high class escort and we at Tia Escort offer you the solution - fast, competent and equipped with charming VIP Escort Cologne Models. You are also welcome to convince yourself on the homepage of the high quality of our Cologne High Class Escort Models. We are happy if your choice falls on our agency.


Prices: from 95 € | HRS Rating: 8,4 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: with Keycard


  Holzmarkt 4
  Tel.: 0221801030

Are you looking forward to seductive Cologne Escorts? Then you should not miss the art'otel, because it is one of the most popular hotels for business travelers in Cologne. The in-house restaurant Chino Latino with Asian specialties was awarded in 2011 as one of the best restaurants in Cologne and the Sunday Times from England ranks this hotel among the 100 best in the world.

Anyone who has experienced this exquisite art'otel before can only agree, because the fine Asian dishes, which are prepared with great refinement and care, skilfully combine craftsmanship with the creativity of young chefs who still want to achieve a lot. But what makes this house so special?

Perhaps the realization that good quality alone is not enough if you want to distinguish yourself as a hotel, but that you have to be an artist already. Could there be a better place to indulge in the art of seduction? Tia's Escort Agency Cologne will gladly arrange the suitable accompaniment. Exclusive ladies are waiting for you!


Prices: from 90 € | HRS Rating: 8,1 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,0 von 5 | Access: without Keycard


Restaurant Tips Cologne

Escort Cologne Restaurant Tips for your Dinner Date

  Mittelstraße 12
   Tel.: 022127251920

In the heart of the upscale Cologne shopping street Mittelstraße is the luxury concept store Apropos, which is unmistakable due to a pink entrance. From there, the visitor directly enters the stylish and lifestyle-dominated luxury temple number 1 in Cologne, the Apropos. The store is not only popular with our escorts Cologne ladies because of its exclusive high heels assortment aka Louboutin, Zanotti and Co. but also because of its stylish and outdoor restaurant called Oscars @ Apropos Cologne.

The restaurant is located in the middle part of the temple and the huge disco ball in the middle of the restaurant is a kind of landmark. Despite the open-air atmosphere, it is cuddly warm even at low temperatures thanks to its large-dimensioned radiant heater. In the colder months, gigantic curtains are used to hold the warm air together. The approximately 600 square meters are also recommended during the day when the fashion victims step into the temple.

Here guests can show what their wardrobe is all about. In addition to exquisite food, selected wines and excellent service are offered. If you want to go out and eat well according to the motto, you should not miss an evening with your escort Cologne escort in this stylish atmosphere. If you like something more dignified and rustic, Escort Service Cologne Model is the right place for you in the Oscars Stammhaus am Rathausplatz with its creatively designed outdoor area, which invites you to relax. A real recommendation for you and your Escort Cologne Lady when it comes to cozy moments.

Main Courses: 15-20€ | Rating*: 7 von 10 [Food] und 7 von 10 [Ambience]


  Kyffhäuserstrasse 53
   Tel.: 0221232464

The charming gourmet restaurant with French cuisine is located in the lively Cologne district of Kwartier Latäng and is designed for about 30 guests. From the outside, the building does not necessarily suggest a gourmet restaurant. But as with so many localities, that depends on the inner values, ie how it looks inside and above all how the quality of the food turns out.

Until 2011, the well-known TV chef Mario Kotaskas (The Cooking Professionals on VOX) has run the kitchen here. The successor has taken over the colleague and star chef Dominic Jeske, not an easy task. The absolutely dreamlike but nevertheless noble Ambienete inside leaves nothing to be desired and impresses every Escort Cologne model.

The decor is cozy with many artwork on the walls and accessories on the tables. For a dinner by candlelight in this restaurant so well taken care of. Those who have the penchant for the creative and extraordinary should not miss out on this atmospheric ambience. Incidentally, the wine cellar is one of the best-sortiertesten in and around Cologne. Treat yourself and your companion by the escort service Cologne a fine drop and let us advise you. For good mood in the restaurant is also provided!


Main Courses: 30-40€ | Rating*: 9 von 10 [Food] und 9 von 10 [Ambience]


  Krefelder Str. 39
   Tel.: 022199878320

The Marcellino has been one of the best Italians in town for years. Its excellent Sardinian cuisine with excellent meat and fish dishes of the highest quality is a pleasure. A lovingly designed guest room with warm light offers a beautiful environment for getting to know you with your Cologne High Class Escort Model. The family-run restaurant is an integral part of Cologne's gastronomic scene and cooks typical Sardinian dishes, which vary according to the season but are always fresh and not ordinary.

Here is not only the food but also the service! In addition there are excellent wines from all over Italy, of course with a special passion for the good wines of Sardinia. Because the Italian island is the culinary root of many specialties that are processed in Marcellino's with a lot of skill and love for creative pleasures. The audience is stylish and international, the atmosphere cozy with a lot of flair and warm light that invites you to flirt and one or the other deep look into the eyes of your lovely company.

So there are lots of good reasons to pay the TripAdvisor Restaurant Winner 2015 and the "Certificate of Excellence" in the cathedral city on the Rhine! And since love goes through the stomach and food alone is no pleasure you should definitely take escort lady as a companion ... we have a really excellent selection!

Main Courses: from 20€ | Rating*: no data yet


  Im Mediapark 8
   Tel.: 022150052080


The restaurant with the name Osman 30 in Cologne is located on the south side of the Kölnturm in the 30th Floor (hence the name) and offers plenty of space for its about 100 guests, including many celebrities but also trendy people. The Restaurant with Wine Salon is one of the top 200 restaurants in Germany, according to Römers Restaurant Report 2016. A very good view over the city of Cologne is due to its location ever before given in principle.

We recommend for you and your companion from our Escort Service Cologne to reserve a place in the middle part of the restaurant to have an optimal view. The illuminated and above all elevated pedestal in the middle gives you a view over the rooftops of Cologne. The Mediterranean-oriented cuisine works with the philosophy "pleasure meets health". The kitchen of the Osman 30 has often been awarded by Cologne's restaurant guides. Only 3 course meals are offered in the Osmann 30, which presupposes a good hunger. Those who do not have much time should avoid this restaurant. If you want to let the evening slowly fade away after dinner, you and your escort service Cologne lady enjoy a fine wine in the adjoining wine salon.

Equipped with sofas and comfortable armchairs, you and your escort model with a view of Cologne's city center, the cathedral and the Lanxess Arena can enjoy a fine wine. For real wine drinkers an insider tip. The beauty of the Osman 30 is you do not have to look far for a parking lot. The Mediapark has large underground parking garages, which is a not insignificant detail in the car parking situation in Cologne. Have fun with your Tia Escort Cologne Team!


Main Courses: 40-60€ | Rating*: 9 von 10 [Food] und 8 von 10 [Ambience]


  Domplatz/Trankgasse 1-5
   Tel.: 02212701

East Asian cuisine can be really expensive: The Taku in the basement of the Excelsior Hotel Ernst offers the finest asiatic cuisine in a modern, design-oriented ambience. Awarded the Michelin star, it is a wonderful place characterized by feng-shui and in-ground aquariums for relaxing together and the first date with your companion from our High Class Escort Service Cologne.

Here you can join us on a culinary journey through Asia, which exists as a small and large variety and leads through Indonesia, Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam and is often served with wine accompaniment. An adventure of the senses for you and your escort Cologne. Also on the menu are variations from the kitchens of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and the specialties of Milanese. The service is courteous and unobtrusive attention. Many little extras make the guest really enjoyable: damp-warm towels for the hands, different types of butter to the variations of home-baked mini bread rolls, a bowl of excellent tea and massive chopsticks as an alternative to knife, fork and spoon. In the starred restaurant taku you dine together with your Escort Cologne in an ambience of timeless elegance and modernity.

Main Courses: from 20€ | Rating*: 9 von 10 [Essen] und 8 von 10 [Ambience]


  Krefelder Straße 25
   Tel.: 0221729479

Probably the best restaurant in Cologne when it comes to discerning palates. The lavish restaurant, in the walls of a former traditional café, called Le-Moissonnier, already reveals the style of its cuisine by its name. Liliane and Vincent laid the foundation for this success story over 20 years ago.

The Gourmet Temple, with its excellent food, focuses entirely on French cuisine. If you would like to be pampered yourself and your companion by the Escort Service Cologne once by master chef Eric Menchon, take a seat in the typical French ambience a la Brasserie. As you enter the restaurant, you feel like you've been transported back to Paris in a place of yesteryear. Red leather benches, yellow walls with ornaments and white-black tiled floors, on which squiggled wooden chairs stand, characterize the two-star restaurant.

If you like to get in touch with your neighbors, then the Le-Moissonnier is the place for you. The service team is young and attentive, the atmosphere for a star restaurant unusually casual. But exactly this combination is fun and makes you want a first visit. Marvel at the small works of art on the plates of La Moissonnier together with your Escort Cologne model.

Main Courses: 30-50€ | Rating*: 10 von 10 [Food] und 9 von 10 [Ambience]


Tia’s Nightlife TOP 4

Cologne Bars for Singles

  Im Stavenhof 5-7
  Tel.: 02212005910

If not Cologne then nowhere. In Cologne, there are countless ways to spend the evening, only know where is important because Cologne with its small streets, the very hidden are sometimes host unimagined treasures. So that the search is not so difficult for you, we have listed the most important hotspots for the evening from the escort agency Cologne below. Enjoy browsing and planning for your Escort in Cologne!

For those of you who really crave crazy, the invisible bar, the dark restaurant and bar that has been in existence for 15 years, has chosen exactly the right experience. So you can not only see and admire the VIP escort Cologne lady of your choice, but especially smell and feel. In addition to nice cocktails and other drinks you can also have a 3-course menu depending on how brave you are. If you want the experience of a special kind you can find this here.

A culinary experience of a special kind, crazy and unusual.


  Limburgerstrasse 12
  Tel.: 02212774888

The IVORY Bar is known for its charming, attractive team and the absolutely excellent cocktails. The combination of video productions and modern LED light installations as well as the Mediterranean influence make the IVORY one of the World Finest Clubs. In the IVORY there are many different tables which you are welcome to book in advance with your Escort Cologne Lady.

Excellent cocktails in the midst of a cool atmosphere.


  Aachener Straße 28
  Tel.: 02211285577

The Schmitz Salon is a place for those who like it relaxed and relaxed. A casual location where jeans are just as welcome as a chic outfit. Here you meet friends, have good conversation or laugh a lot and extensively. Looseness from everyday life is here. The ambiance is bright and modern, dominated by glass and stone and open spaces. A place to get to know each other and simply enjoy.

A location with style for a relaxed time!


  Marzellenstr. 13-17
  Tel.: 0221130712463

The ice bar of Hiltons Cologne is just right for those who like it very hot. The name of the bar is program, the complete surface of the bar is made of ice and leaves the drinks and cocktails of your Escort Lady Cologne always nice and cool. The good music and the unbeatable vodka selection are an argument to visit with your escort Cologne Lady this hot-cold bar. The ambience of the bar is also dedicated to the motto hot-cold as well as the cold and warm accents which not only make you want to get in the heat but also increase the pulse of your escort Cologne lady. Book now at Tia Escort Cologne and experience something completely new.

Cellar vault with a stylish ambience for wine lovers.


Shopping Recommendations Cologne

Shopping in Cologne

Enjoy yourself and your companions from the Cologne Escort Service the narrow streets of Cologne city center and be inspired by the stylish and hip audience, the lively, unconventional bustle on the streets of Cologne. Enjoy the admiring glances of the passers-by towards your charming escort lady from the Escort Cologne.

Our always well-dressed escort ladies of Tia Escort Cologne will be happy to advise you on a shopping trip as your personal shopper. Tia Escort recommends visiting the following boutiques in the center of Cologne: Claudia Carpendale (Mittelstraße 38) or Limit (Ehrenstraße 61-63).

Our ladies from the High Class Escort Cologne are happy to accompany you to DEM Fashion Tempel in Cologne, the APROPOS Cologne (Mittelstraße 12). From the Mittelstraße difficult to see leads a narrow, held in bright pink gear to the exclusive Apropos Concept Store. You have never been there? Book one of our escort ladies and get this shopping event as fast as possible. Into the extraordinary pleasure! On the approx. 2,000 square meters you will experience a unique shopping world of Cologne with brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior Homme, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Seven for all mankind or MiuMiu.

If you and your escort companion wish to dine, they can be pampered in the adjoining restaurant. R. Fischermann and his team with modern kitchen are looking forward to seeing you and your escort lady from the Escort Cologne.

Another insider tip - not only for the escort ladies from the Escort Cologne but for the fashion-conscious gentlemen - is the Citta di Bologna (Flandrische Straße 4). Here is the fashion for the men in the foreground. The boutique off the crowded shopping mile is a secret and sold primarily to regular customers u.a. Actors, Artists, Celebrities and Accompanying Service Cologne Ladies' labels such as Dsquared, Dries van Noten, John Galliano or Unconditional are only offered to a select audience in this collection.

If you need a break from trying on many things, let yourself be presented by your fashion expert - your escort model from the Escort Cologne - the latest women's fashion. Maybe you will be rewarded by you with a nice accessory or fashion piece. Create yourself and your Escort Lady unforgettable moments in the beautiful city of Cologne. Our escort ladies from the Cologne escort service are waiting for you!


Typical Cologne

Cologne City Facts

The most populous city in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Cologne is located in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the Tia High Class Escort Service Cologne Agency - their high-class escort service in NRW. From our office we arrange escort ladies from all over NRW with focus on escort service Cologne, escort service Dusseldorf, escort service Dortmund, escort service Bonn and escort service Essen.

Cologne is in terms of area and by inhabitants (997 thousand), the largest city in North Rhine Westphalia and also home to some Escort Cologne Ladies of the Tia Escort Agency Cologne. Located in the Bay of Cologne, the city is above the country's borders, especially known as the seat of ecclesiastical and secular power and as a carnival stronghold. In addition, numerous television stations (RTL, VIVA ...) radio stations (EinsLive ...), record companies (EMI, BMG ...) and publishing houses have settled in the economic and cultural metropolis of Cologne. In addition, the city located on the Rhine Cologne counts more than 44 thousand students, of which some female and particularly attractive ladies as escort ladies in the escort service - Escort Cologne - are active.

Our Escort Ladies from the Cologne Escort Service like to travel and use, among other things, the Cologne-Bonn airport, which is among the 3 airports in Germany without night flight restrictions. Our escort ladies from the Escort Cologne travel to any location of your choice and use this in addition to the aircraft as a means of transport one of the adjacent highways A1, A3, A4, A57, A59, A559 or the stress-free transport by train.

Discover the city of Cologne with one of our attractive escort Cologne ladies and thus create lasting memories of the beautiful city on the Rhine!


The city of Cologne has a number of highlights to offer its very attractive Escort Ladies in terms of sights that they want to discover. Let yourself be accompanied by one of our escort ladies from escort service Tia Escort Cologne to one of the following locations:

Breathtaking but high - the cathedral in Cologne

Sweeten yourself and your escort Cologne Escort Lady your stay in the Rhine metropolis Cologne with a breathtaking visit to the Cologne Cathedral.
The third highest church building in the world in gothic style with 157m height is with its two towers probably the most well-known and most popular attraction of Cologne. Drive together with your Escortlad <up in the top of the listed in the World Heritage List of Cologne. Keep your escort companion firmly by the hand so that your escort lady from the Escort Service Cologne feels at the guided tours to the bells or through the treasury of the Cologne Cathedral.

Shrill and Colorful - The Carnival in Cologne

Let yourself and her escort lady of Cologne Escort Service by the colorful bustle of the Cologne Carnival infected. Forget about everyday life and celebrate with one of the escort Cologne Frohnaturen the Jackets bustle. The carnival slogan 2009/2010 "In Kölle jebützt" - as much as kissed in Cologne - promises to be a direct hit again. Let your wishes run wild and wrap your escort companion - area escort Cologne - in a sexy outfit. Play the very personal prince of your chosen escort lady from the Cologne escort service.


Entertainment with Senuality

Sensual time with Escort Models from Cologne

Cologne escorts know that discretion is extremely important. But that does not mean that they have to conceal what they have experienced so everything at the Cologne Escort Service. So let's just say a well-known TV-face, working at a local station, has something to celebrate and decides to use an escort agency. Although he has heard a lot about it but never tried it himself and was therefore a little nervous, but he did not want to show it.

Escort Service for the first time

A case made for our Cologne Callgirl. Quickly, our escort lady found out that the otherwise not very cameraman celebrity in his spare time has quite private preferences and so they met on a private date in the hotel. And from the beginning, the chemistry has been right.

"When I notice to a new customer that he's nervous, I use a simple trick. The important thing is that he is busy with something he does not have to think about. The rest will come by itself. Therefore, I have this celebrity, who has found by the Cologne escort agency to me once sent to the shower and I just came after he was soaped and could not defend himself. I showered him and then he had to lather me. I immediately realized how much fun he had, but he still did not want to go all out. Time for round two. "

But that was just the beginning, because our call girl had come up with some ideas to sweeten her date for the night or even a whole weekend. You can take that literally, because he was a little treat. But we do not want to reveal more at this point ...

* Source: Marcellinos Restaurant Guide