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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions represent the Agreement of the service contract
between Customers and Jörg Nietzschmann, trading as TIA-ESCORT Service Agency (hereinafter referred to as Provider) in the case of an confirmed Booking Order. Please read these Terms carefully.

1. Object of Contract

The Object of Contract includes the temporary company of the customer by one or more of the provider its escort model hostesses. Payment is solely for the Escort its Time and Escort Companionship. Anything further is not part of the contract.

2. Contract Conclusion

The reservation request of a customer via E-mail contact or telephone does not lead automatically to a contract conclusion with the provider. The Booking request is (in a legal sense) the offer to enter into a contract. A service contract will take place only after consultation with the desired Escort Model and sending an order confirmation via e-mail to the customer by the provider.

In exceptional cases, the offer and agreement via phone can close the contract accepted by the provider and customer. To prevent any kind of abuse in the case of a first booking by a new customer, a short telephone conversation between the new customer and the provider is necessary. No conversations are stored by the provider.

3. Conditions

The customer needs to inform the provider and then the hostess about the intended, concrete purpose, scope and particular features of the desired Service. He will ensure that the hostess its physcial integrity as well as prevent any endangerment of the hostess its proporty (e.g. driving after drinking, etc.)

For any kind of intangible or material damage of the hostess or the provider occuring while providing the contracted service, the customer takes the full liabillity, except the damage is caused by the hostess or the provider. 

The provider does not take the liability for the hostess its action, as the hostess acts on her own responsibility and is not act as Representative of the provider.

Any damage replacement claims against the provider are limited to the total amount of the booking Fee and are limited to grossly negligent fulfils of obligation.

The provider does not provide any warranty for the quality of the service provided by the distributed hostess.

4. Cancelation

The customer has the option to cancel his contract without giving any reason. Cancellation must be send by E-Mail to office@tia-escort.de or via SMS or phone to 0049 1515 0722181. 

Both the provider and booked the hostess can interrupt the contract in case of any kind of malpractice contrary to the contract. In this case, pre-service made desposits will not be refunded.

In case the booked Escort hostess will not be able to show up on the appointment due to any reasons, the provider will cancel the appointment. Of course, the Customer will immediately be offered an alternative escort model. If no agreement will take place, the customer pre-payments will be refunded. Other claims by the customer to the provider in this Case excluded.

5. Terms of Payment

The prices refer to the sedcard profiles ("Fees") of the individual escort hostess. All of the Provider its prices include VAT at 19%. The agreed prices are valid only for the specific job. 
If the location of the service requests extensive travel time from the model´s home area a deposit payment of 35% of the agreed Fee plus any applicable travel expenses may occur.

In the Ladies listed service locations, the total fee plus any applicable Travel cost will be paid directly to the lady in cash. All our hostesses are authorized to collect.

An extension of the originally scheduled service time on site needs to be confirmed by the Escort and needs to be paid directly to the Escort lady in cash.

6. Other

Any customer date collected during the process of the contractual realtionship will only be used for order proccessing purposes. The provider will not forward any personal data to third parties. Especially there will be no data transfer to third parties for any kind of marketing use. Only a case of a court order the provider will forward personal data to the entitled person. The customers agrees with the above stated use of its data.

All Escort Hostesses placed by the Provider are private individuals with a respectable main occupation. Due to this, the customers commits itself to never contact the hostess in a directly and to always use the provider as an agent for any kind of contact. The customers is asked to respect the hostesses privacy and will not ask for private or contact data.

Any Misuse of our Service will lead to the infomation of the authorities in charge or legal steps will be initiated.

7. Concluding Terms

In the event that one or several of these terms of business are invalid or incomplete wholly or in part, the legal effectiveness of the others remain uneffected . Instead of the invalid or incomplete conditions the relevant legal requirement and regulations are valid.

The contract is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany - even with foreign orderers.  Modifications or amendments of this contract require the written form to be valid.

The legal relationships are subject to the law of the Federal Repuclic of Germany.

The place of jurisdiction is Kaarst.