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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

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We at Tia Escort Dusseldorf welcome you, dear customers, on our website around the topic VIP Escort Service in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. On this page, we present you, among other things, our exclusive High-class Escort Models that are available for a sensual booking in Dusseldorf.

In addition, we also offer Male Companion for women with our Escort Men Dusseldorf. As a serious Escort Agency, we offer interested parties helpful information regarding the planning of an unforgettable Escort Date as well as some very personal recommendations for your stay in the beautiful metropolis on the Rhine. As a city of fashion and luxury in the Rhineland, "seeing and being seen" means! And with a class woman as an accompaniment you will be seen - and envied! Enjoy the admiring glances of the other gentlemen while strolling on the "Kö" or at the dinner in one of the luxury hotels. But your Escort Lady only has eyes for you! So it can live as a man.

First, choose one of the charming Escort Ladies from our portfolio for your unforgettable evening for two. Almost every one of our exclusive Escort Models from North Rhine Westphalia, as well as from all over Germany, is of course available in the fashion metropolis and surroundings. If the model does not come from Dusseldorf, you will find the resulting travel costs or a possible minimum booking period in the respective sedcard or in the area "Fee". Alternatively, you will see this information as soon as you move the mouse cursor over the image of the corresponding Dusseldorf Escort Lady. Upon request, the Tia Escort team can also arrange short-term hotel and home visits for you. We are available daily from 09:00 to 22:00 for your booking requests!

First, choose one of the charming escort ladies from our portfolio for your unforgettable evening for two. Almost every one of our classy Escort Ladies from North Rhine Westphalia, as well as from all over Germany, is of course available in the fashion metropolis and surroundings. If the model does not come from Dusseldorf, you will find the resulting travel costs or a possible minimum booking period in the respective sedcard or in the area "fee". Alternatively, you will see this information as soon as you move the mouse cursor over the image of the corresponding Dusseldorf escort lady. Upon request, the Tia Escort team can also arrange short-term hotel and home visits for you. We are available daily from 09:00 to 22:00 for your booking requests!

Restaurants | TOP 5

Tias Restaurant Recommendation for your Escort Dinner Date

  Heroldstraße 30
  Tel.: 021186813333

Basil's offers great value for money. Supporters of the Mediterranean cuisine will love the great and above all large portioned dishes. The audience is mixed, from students to celebrities all groups are represented. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, the guest feels particularly at ease in the elegant, restrained ambience with many large ceiling pictures, red and beige leather chairs and lots of chandeliers. The tables are relatively close together, yet you feel as a guest from his neighbors not pressed. The wine list is very extensive and ranges from Italian to Greek to Spanish wines. The menu in the evening changes frequently.

Especially recommended are the fresh fish and meat dishes from the grill. For guests with a focus on lighter fare - as well as some of our exclusive escort ladies - then the seafood salad comes into question.

Live music by pianists and singers as well as a lively atmosphere with about 150 seats, combined with mild light make the location a hotspot in Dusseldorf. If you would like to spend an evening with your exclusive lady from Tia Escort, we recommend a reservation in advance. Of course, Tia Escort can help you with a reservation and plan the evening for you. If you would like to enjoy a delicious cocktail with one of our stylish escort ladies then you will find a corresponding offer at the restaurant's own bar.

Main Courses: 8-23€ | Rating*: 6 von 10 [Food] und 7 von 10 [Ambience]

   Neuer Zollhof 1
  Tel.: 02113398410

In the harbor district is one of the most popular scene bars: THE-Meerbar. As the name suggests, this hotspot in Dusseldorf is an excellent restaurant for fine food from the sea and for all our escort service customers a popular restaurant. The menu is quite clear on the offer, but this does not change the fact that the dishes on the map quickly make you feel like a tasting of the extra class. The guests and the ambience are absolutely hip, which is partly reflected in the prices. Main courses cost up to 31 €.

The audience is very diverse: from conspicuous beauties of female sex to celebrities, to guests of senior age. The restaurant section impresses with high rooms, which are dipped in gold. Pompous candlesticks and floor lamps, red upholstered chairs and Swarovski chandeliers create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The creators of the trendy bar, strictly speaking the interior designers and decorators, have done their homework.

Immerse yourself in the world of the sea. Again, the tables are sometimes very close together, yet the privacy is maintained. Show one of our sensual escort ladies the lifestyle of the city according to the motto: "See and be seen".


Main Courses: 9-31€ | Rating*: 5 von 10 [Food] und 8 von 10 [Ambience]

  Erkrather Strasse 232
  Tel.: 021188921588

First we would like to anticipate one thing: Thompson's In-Restaurant visit needs to planned in advance. This gastronomy opens its "gates" only to those who reserve about 3-4 weeks before visit. The imposing waiting time otherwise known only from car manufacturers! But this is exactly what makes the extreme popularity of the new restaurant in the former soap factory clear. Dr. Thompson's is a novel trend concept from the makers of the former Monkey's Island, which unites the restaurant, bar and club.

The atmosphere is simply class: endless high ceilings and a great lighting concept amidst the pristine factory walls of bygone times. Interior designers speak of shabby chic - let's say something new in the old style. In the center of the approximately 600 square meter room is a chimney, which acts as a fireplace and radiates heat with its open fire, in the sense of atmosphere. Enjoy this great, breathtaking and unique ambience in Dusseldorf with one of the selected ladies of our discreet escort service.

The tables are kept simple, modern accessories are used as highlights and leave a modern and stylish impression - despite factory hall character. Finally, a location that sounds promising and keeps this - despite the fact that the dr. Thompson's is not located in the Media Harbor. If you do not feel like eating, you should take a seat in the Club Lounge. Of course, a visit in togetherness with a correspondingly attractive and sensual and exclusive companion of Tia Escort is at least twice as exciting and beautiful as a solo attempt. Enjoy the evening with a beautiful escort lady by your side.

If you like, order one of the many dishes from the charcoal oven, a T-bone steak or for fans of light cuisine one of the many salads for yourself and your escort lady. The prices are rather upscale, for Dusseldorf but still fair - a similar price concept as we of the Escort Service Tia Escort handle it. A clear recommendation is this hotspot in the middle of the so-called "Schwanenhöfe" in any case. We wish you a good appetite!

Main courses: 15-34€ | Rating*: 7 von 10 [Food] und 8 von 10 [Ambience]

  Kaiserswerther Markt 9
  Tel.: 0211401050

The restaurant "Im Schiffchen" is considered one of the best restaurants in the state capital and also highly recommended for all customers of Tia's stylish escorts, with high culinary standards. The restaurant is located in the beautiful district Kaiserswerth am Rhein. The brick building looks very idyllic and invites you to come in. Upon entering, the guest reveals a stylish, classic ambience, as befits a starred restaurant. Nevertheless, the service is not overbearing, but always friendly and accommodating. The menus of the house are lonely top and the wine recommendations simply terrific.

It should be noted, however, that the kitchen is only open from 19 to 21:30. The restaurant itself is only open from Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00 to 23:00. Treat yourself and your escort model to one of the innumerable dishes that are so uniquely designed that you as a guest almost forget to eat these little works of art. Master Jean-Claude Bourgueil and his team take care of the physical well-being of the Gourmet Palace, whose inventiveness seems endless. The menu reads like the "Who's Who" of gourmet cuisine: tenderly smoked Breton lobster with cedar wood or chess board of scallops and autumn truffles with tears of olive oil. Be a guest in the gourmet restaurant with the pleasant sounding name "Im Schiffchen".

Main courses: 35-70€ | Rating*: 10 von 10 [Food] und 9 von 10 [Ambience]


  Klosterstraße 42
  Tel.: 02118639636

Dusseldorf is the city with the highest population density of Japanese in Germany and the annual Japanese festival on, well beyond the country's borders, well-known event with a gigantic fireworks as the crowning glory. Of course, Japanese localities should not be missing.

Probably the best Japanese restaurant with the name "Nagaya" can be just as good as our escorts. Top marks for both atmosphere and the food. Do you or your escort service Dusseldorf Lady prefer japanese? Then take a seat in the typically purist yet stylish ambience.

The kitchen of the restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday from 19 to 22 o'clock (on the day of 12-14 o'clock). The restaurant is named after the owner Hr. Nagaya. the quality of which even Japanese love, which is a high honor, even if compatriots visit the locality as a priority. If you like low-fat and naturally prepared food, the Nagaya will definitely appreciate it.

Main courses: 21-49€ | Rating*: 10 von 10 [Food] und 9 von 10 [Ambience]

* Quelle: Marcellinos Restaurantführer

Tia’s Shopping Recommendations

Shopping | Escortdame Dusseldorf

The rock band "Toten Hosen" once sung about Düsseldorf as a fashion city in their song, and rightly so. The Rhine metropolis lives and loves fashion - which is also reflected in our models of the section High Class Escort Dusseldorf. Our escort ladies are always appropriately dressed and know exactly what is currently in fashion and what is not announced.

Stroll along the Königsallee "Kö" with one of our charming Escorts (also known as "Kö" in the vernacular). The Königsallee is one of the most famous shopping streets in NRW. Our stylish Escort Ladies will be happy to advise you on a shopping trip as your personal shopper.

Our Tia Escort recommendation: Visit the boutiques of Prange, Eickhoff, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Prada as well as the Malls Sevens and the famous Kö gallery on the luxury mile.

If you wish, our Escort Ladies Dusseldorf will gladly show you the newly opened fashion temple APROPOS (Benrather Straße 15). Here you will find noble brands such as Dior Homme, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta or Etro, in a reasonable and noble atmosphere.

Alternatively, you can easily Escort our pretty escorts to the Identita Italiana on Carlsplatz (Carlsplatz 22) - a fashion boutique for young, business-ready Italian fashion à la Partizia Pepe, Daniele Alessandrini and Co. Matching accessories and more. from Debút or HTC complete the offer.

Experience an exclusive shopping trip with our high class escort ladies. Our pretty ladies are waiting for you!

Tia’s Nightlife Tips

Nightlife | Escort Service Dusseldorf

You have finally left the often boring meetings behind and until then you see the city passing by just by taxi? Then you should change that now! Get to know the dazzling metropolis on the Rhine from its unique nightlife site. You are alone and want to spend a few hours without your colleagues?

Accompaniment with style and class

Then we will provide you with an attractive Escort Model, who will let you forget the boredom of the past day quickly. Stylish, dressed in a black evening dress and Christian Louboutin high heels or casually dressed in designer jeans, one of our Escort Ladies takes you to one of the countless trendy clubs in the city, to suit your taste. For example, start the evening in one of the exclusive bars, which are located directly in the Medienhafen. Break the ice cream first and hand one of the sweet-tasting, fruity cocktails to your charming Escort Model. Listen to the melodious words of your beguilingly beautiful Escortlady.

Take advantage of the night

If you then want to grab the appetite and you feel like hip rhythms, change over together in the scene disco on the famous Kö (Bahnstraße 13-15). The Nachtresidenz invites you to various theme parties on Friday and Saturday. The event location impresses with its unique architecture and offers entertainment for select guests at a high level. Finally, visit the famous Sam's beyond the state borders of North Rhine-Westphalia (Kö 27). This is where the "Who's Who" of the Düsseldorfer Society meets, providing the necessary change. End the night with a bottle of the best champagne. Those who like it more quiet and romantic will find numerous activities and events such as a visit to a fair with his Duesseldorf Escort Lady on the Rhine. Or perhaps you are so charmed by your sexy companion that you ask her to go to her room to spend the evening all alone.

   Heinrich-Heine-Allee 12
   Tel.: 01747117154

A world of its own - and what kind! Immerse yourself and forget everyday life, that is the goal of the restaurateur and we say: It has succeeded. Similar to your time with your Tia Escort Dusseldorf, the contemporary and cool ambience of this very special bar makes you forget stress and annoyance quickly. The spacious room unites an artistic atmosphere in a very special way: Here, concrete meets fine wood, velvet on all kinds of metals and different heights and staggered levels always create new perspectives.

Here, the diverse guests are perfectly staged, because the Sir Walter is truly Dusseldorf. Chic, cool and stylish. The 30-meter-long bar is the heart of the room and offers excellent drinks at the absolute top level. For those who prefer a more cozy atmosphere, enjoy their cocktail or wine in the comfortable armchairs or lounge sofas. No matter if you are a night owl, a hot date, an afterwork drink or an opera visitor - at the Sir Walter, anyone is in the mood for fancy drinks and excellent wines in a really cool atmosphere.

   Kurze Strasse 3
   Tel.: 021176939973

Perfect location for a perfect date Kick-off: The Elephant Bar offers a chic atmosphere, sophisticated drinks and lots of good music sounds with changing DJs. The popular bar is a real enrichment for the Düsseldorf Old Town scene and is ideal for a hot night together with your equally hot Escort Dusseldorf. The perfect location right on an axis with other top locations such as the Anaconda Lounge, Brasserie Townhouse, Melody Bar and Bar Chérie make the location, which opened in spring 2016, a top hotspot in the city. The interior is stylishly reminiscent of the James Bond ambience of the sixties. Lots of fine wood meets expensive marble, brass and steel in straight, clean lines. Cozy, velvet seating invite you to cuddle, relax and flirt. The dignified, slightly diminutive atmosphere makes first, deep looks easy and invite you for more closeness ...

   Kaistraße 7-9
   Tel.: 021169556990

The former sound and film studio is the new hotspot in the heart of the media harbor and an ideal place to start a great start into the nightlife of the hip metropolis. Let yourself be seduced by the hip swing of your high-class model, as regular live acts provide hot rhythms and a fantastic atmosphere in the Rudas Studios. The audience in Dusseldorf as well as in this club is very stylish, hip and modern - but still sophisticated. Admission is only allowed to club members, but online registration is possible within a few minutes. Even with an iPhone or iPad, the on-site intake is no problem: just go to the website, press the sign-in button, wait for the confirmation e-mail and you're ready to go. The night of the nights can begin.

What could be better than to decorate yourself with a hot Escort Lady, whom we will arrange for you by Tia Escort for an unforgettable and sensual evening for two.

 Neuer Zollhof 1
   Tel.: 02113398410

This bar is not only an ideal place to seduce ladies to a culinary delight, but also to get to know each other in a cool and modern designed club atmosphere. In the front area of the club, comfortable couches with many cushions invite you to cuddle and enjoy what inevitably comes closer. The cozy light situation and the ambiance let you and your erotic VIP lady quickly forget everyday life. If you feel like it, you can also "groove" to the sounds of the music. It matters little that the club does not offer a separate dance floor. Wherever you are sitting or standing with your High-class Escort, you will feel like moving. And what better way to watch the hot movements of a charming model ...

The most desirable In Location for the evening in the Dusseldorf harbor


  Königsallee 11
   Tel.: 0211160900

Stylish, elegant and exclusive - our nightlife tip for your escort date with one of our charming escort ladies. The location named Bar of the Year 2009 is located on the first floor of the luxury hotel Breidenbacher Hof. The designers use Zebra-style armchairs, high-quality black marble and a great lighting concept to create impressive accents. The variety of cocktails and drinks is very large and the team behind the bar first class. If you feel like enjoying one of about 125 different cigars in the adjoining "Cigar Lounge", take a seat on lush leather armchairs amidst wood-paneled walls.

Price level: Luxury | Rating*: 9 von 10 [Drnks] und 10 von 10 [Ambience]


Hotel TOP 3

Hotel Visits | Escort Dusseldorf

  Am Hülserhof 57
   Tel.: 0211200630


In the immediate vicinity of the airport is the modern airport hotel called Van der Valk. It accommodates spacious rooms from 38 square meters, which have very good facilities. The Dusseldorf Airport Hotel is ideally suited for business travelers who prefer to receive in a relaxed and discreet atmosphere one of our Tia Escort Ladies. Access to the rooms with the help of the elevator is also possible without an access card for the escort models. This guarantees 100% anonymity.

PRices: from 80 € | HRS Rating: 8,8 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: without Keycard


  Mühlenstrasse 31
   Tel.: 0211160920


This stylish house in the heart of the city is a tribute to Düsseldorf's art scene. Centrally located not far from top galleries and museums near the beautiful Rhine promenade, here you will find everything the heart of the discerning guest desires. The large rooms and suites of the old cloister church impress with individual furnishings and are unique in their appearance thanks to various types of marble, visible cross vaults and noble star parquet. A hotel that exudes grandeur and noble class without crushing. The professional wellness offer and the in-house gastronomy provide an all-round feel-good ambience. For your personal well-being, your sweet date from Tia Escorts Dusseldorf.

Prices: from 198 € | HRS Rating: 9,5  von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: without Keycard


  Theodor-Körner-Straße 1-7
   Tel.: 0211160900


The Breidenbacher Hof, newly built in 2008, stands for a venerable ambience with a hint of Chichi and excellent service in the heart of the city. Impress your escort lady. The 5 star hotel has a glamorous architecture, combined with modern luxury and many design elements, which makes the heart of every escort service model beat faster. The result is 95 rooms in the heart of the city. Again, our standard is that you pick up our VIP escort lady in the foyer or on the first floor, as access without a room card to the respective floor from the hotel is denied. Highly recommended - even for non-hotel guests - is the continental breakfast or the exclusive breakfast buffet.

Prices: from 240€ | HRS Rating: 9,5 von 10 | Tripadvisor Rating: 4,5 von 5 | Access: Keycard needed