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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

FAQ | Escort Booking

FAQs Escort Kunden

How much does a date cost?

The associated prices can also be found on the sedcard of each lady under the heading "fee". In addition, the terms "private date" and "cyber date" are used. Private Date stands for an escort date when the erotic of the lady is offered. Cyber Date stands for an virtual escort date [live with your person and our model] with your smartphone, tablet or laptop over FaceTime, Skype or other interfaces. Below you will find the respective prices for the different price segments PREMUM, BUSINESS and FIRST CLASS:


Price segment PREMIUM:

Private Date:
[2h-650€], [3h-800€], [4h-950€], [5h-1.050€], [6h-1.150€], [7h-1.250€], [8h-1.350€], [9h-1.450€], [10h-1.550€], [11h-1.650€], [12h-1.750€], [13h-1.800€], [14h-1.900€], [15h-1.950€], [16h-2.000€], [17h-2.050€], [18h-2.100€], [19h-2.200€], [20h-2.250€], [21h-2.300€], [22h-2.400€], [23h-2.450€], [24h-2.500€], [48h-3.900€], [72h-5.300€]

Cyber Date:
[30 minutes-199€], [60 minutes-299€], each additional 30 minutes +100€


Price segment BUSINESS:

Private Dates:
[2h-900€], [3h-1.150€], [4h-1.400€], [5h-1.500€], [6h-1.600€], [7h-1.700€], [8h-1.800€], [9h-1.900€], [10h-2.000€], [11h-2.100€], [12h-2.200€], [13h-2.250€], [14h-2.300€], [15h-2.400€], [16h-2.450€], [17h-2.500€], [18h-2.600€], [19h-2.650€], [20h-2.700€], [21h-2.800€], [22h-2.850€], [23h-2.900€], [24h-3.000€], [48h-4.600€], [72h-6.200€]

Cyber Dates:
[30 minutes-249€], [60 minutes-349€], each additional 30 minutes +100€


Price segment FIRST CLASS:

Private Dates:
[2h-1.400€], [3h-1.750€], [4h-2.100€], [5h-2.300€], [6h-2.500€], [7h-2.700€], [8h-2.900€], [9h-3.100€], [10h-3.300€], [11h-3.400€], [12h-3.500€], [13h-3.600€], [14h-3.700€], [15h-3.800€], [16h-3.900€], [17h-4.000€], [18h-4.100€], [19h-4.200€], [20h-4.300€], [21h-4.400€], [22h-4.500€], [23h-4.600€], [24h-4.700€], [48h-7.200€], [72h-9.700€]

Cyber Dates:
[30 minutes-299€], [60 minutes-399€], each additional 30 minutes +100€



Overview Fee

Tia Erotic Dictionary from A-Z

Because the definitions of services are usually very different and no misunderstandings should arise, we have briefly summarized in Tia's erotic lexicon from A to Z what hides behind the individual services or is meant by it. Have fun trying out our dream model filter!

By 69 we mean a sexual position in which both partners pacify each other orally at the same time

Anal | Passive
Sexual intercourse by penetrating of the rectum of the female partner with the penis.

Anal | Active
On the other hand, the escort model takes over the active part [anal active] and spoils the anus | Prostate of the man with the help of Toys [strap-on dildo, vibrator], fingers or in another way, it is called anal active [at the lady]


BDSM means "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism" and represents a continuum of practices and expressions, both erotic and non-erotic, involving restraint, sensory stimulation, role-playing, and a variety of interpersonal dynamics. At Tia Escort, BDSM will only be applied and practiced in a soft an playful way like soft bondage games, role playing, soft dominance and a limited and pre-agreed use of basic and soft corporal punishment for example with candle wax. It is essential that both partner agreed before what will be used and how far to go. Special BDSM practices you might like to use need to be clarified with the escort model in advance of the booking.

Club Visit
A common visit with you escort at a swing club. If there will be sexual activities during the visit or just a visual participation through watching other couples – both is possible and should be discussed with the escort of your choice in advance. Partner-swapping is optional, but not a must

Cyber Date
A virtual live escort date with your smartphone, tablet or laptop over different interfaces like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom....

Deep Throat (DT)
A form of fellatio in which the penis is taken deep into the mouth and throat, past the gag-reflex.

An escort that offers the service Submissive gives herself to the man during sex and arranges his will and desire. Our Escorts offer rather a soft submissive service with playful devotion and no extreme on Sado Maso or BDSM level.

An escort that offers the service Dominant takes over the leading role in sex and the man is subordinated to their will and desires. Our escorts tend to offer a "soft dominant" service with playful submission and no extreme dominance on Sado-Maso or BDSM level.

Threesome (MMF)
Simultaneous sexual acts / protected intercourse between an escort / wife and two men.

Duo Bisexual
Attracted to and sexually active with both men and women. All partner interact with each other, also the females among each other (lesbian).

Duo Hetero (FFM)
Means a „Threesome“. An act of group sex involving three people where the male has sex with two female but no lesbian interaction will be practiced between the ladies.

French with Condom (CBJ) | Active
Fellatio [oral stimulation of the penis with lips, tongue and mouth] with a condom.

French| Passive
On the other hand one speaks with the lady of French passive if the man spoils the vagina orally.

Girlfriend Erotic (GFE)
GFE is a softer, more caring way of sexual activities between the partners. The escort model might act like you loving girlfriend, holding hands in the public or spending time spooning with you, kissing, hugging like an intimate girlfriend.

Come On Face (COF)
Ejaculation on the lady´s face.

Come On Body (COB)
Ejaculation on the lady´s body or breast.

Kissing (K)
Kissing of all kinds but without tongue.

Massage (M)
Massage is the mechanical treatment of the skin and muscles by stimulation to stretch, pull or push. A massage extends from the processed part of the body to the entire organism including the psyche.

Pee | Active 
NS stands for "Golden Shower" (or: pee on).
a = Active stands for the one who donates the pee and urinates for the partner

Pee | Passive
NS stands for "Golden Shower" (in short: pee on).
p = Passive stands for the one who receives the Golden Shower from the partner

Couple Accompaniment
Is an erotic experience as a couple with a second woman. An escort lady accompanies the couple (man and woman) and depending on the agreement and desire sexual intercourse between the man and both women takes place (hetero) or even lesbian activities between the two women ("bi" or bisexual).

Role Play
Sexual roleplay has a strong erotic element. It may involve two or more people who act out roles in a sexual fantasy and may be a form of foreplay and be sexually arousing. How seriously the play is taken depends on the partners involved. There can be costumes involved or a real script.

Involves the stimulation of the male penis by the female breasts. Commonly, this sex act involves the man placing his penis in the woman's breasts and thrusting between them, while the breasts are squeezed around the penis for additional stimulation.

Anilingus | Active
Also called anilingus, anal licking or rimming. An escort that actively offers tongue anal pampers the man anal with her lips and tongue.

Anilingus | Passive
Also called anilingus, anal licking or rimming. An escort the tongue anal passively can be spoiled by the man like anal with lips and tongue.

French Kissing
Kissing with participation of both partners tongues touching the partner´s lips, tongue and entering their mouth


Virtual escort date | 30 mins. plus

 So-called "Cyber dates" are brand new in the Tia Escort program. Cyber ??dates emerged from the corona crisis in which physical contact is not allowed. The gentleman and model do not meet personally but virtually via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom & Co. on a smartphone, laptop or tablet. By default, you can choose between 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Our escort models will then receive you virtually from home or a hotel room.

Click here | more information

Where can I find the erotic services of the ladies ?

The erotic service of the ladies you, dear customers, can you find in two ways:

First, find the erotic preferences of the lady in each Model Sedcard - submenu "Intimate". There are almost all common, erotic preferences alphabetically listed and answered with Yes [service is offered] or No [service is not offered]. If an additional charge is due, this is also there indicated [MMF Dates or Couple Accompaniment].

Furthermore, we skillfully packed the variety of services in our Dream Model Filter, where the point of "erotic preferences" is only one criteria.

To find you perfect Escort with the filter, click on the services you prefer. The page refreshes with every click [Mobile page after clicking on Filter]. Only the ladies who meet the criterion you have selected will be shown. Multiple selection is also possible. You can also add other items such as hair color, size, breast condition [Nature vs. Silicone] and much more to select and add. At any time it is possible to delete it by clicking on an already selected criterion. Play a little with the filter. Have fun discovering!

Escort Filter

Does Tia Escort home and hotel visits?

Each of our escort models offers hotel visits. In terms of the erotic adventure, please pay attention to a suitable category or to a high-class ambiance from 4 star hotels when choosing a hotel. Of course it may be due to bottlenecks at fairs, etc. also a lower star category. Corresponding hotel recommendations for selected metropolises can be found under the menu item Cities in the main menu.

Home visits are also offered by our escort models - except for a few ladies [please contact the customer service team]. You should consider this only if your home offers an appealing atmosphere. In the case of new customers, we require either an upfront payment of 35% or the transmission of your ID card copy.

Are the ladies also visitable?

Visitable apartments we do not own for a good reason. In our company philosophy simply fit no visitable ladies or treatments, which are otherwise known only from the professional field. A hotel is often not as expensive as many expect. We are happy to help.

Cash payment and advanced transfer possible, credit cards not available

Of course, you as a customer want to remain as anonymous as possible and usually prefer a cash payment on the spot at the beginning of the date in an open envelope to the lady. Since it can happen, that is not the previously discussed amount in the envelope, please allow the escort model to check the amount shortly. The moment is not exactly pleasant anyway. Please accept at this point this measure of control.

Another possibility is the transfer to our neutral business account. You do not want to be traveling with a large amount of money, clouding the mood in the evening by handing over money or simply leaving the topic completely out of the picture, then the transfer is just the way to go.

We no longer offer credit card payments due to many fraud attempts in this area. We always want to guarantee our escort models a 100% payment. Hence our decision against a credit card payment.

Are there any hotels recommended by Tia Escort?

The tastes are often very different. But we have listed the most frequently booked hotels of our clients for you. These can be found in the main menu under the menu item "Cities". Next, select the city you are targeting. Here you will find suggestions under the menu item "Hotels".

In addition to hotel recommendations, we have also gathered suggestions for the areas of gastro, nightlife and shopping.

Cities Overview

When are the escort models available?

Our high-class escort models will send us their availability for the current week at the beginning of the week on Monday mornings or will enter it online on their own responsibility. These give a rough orientation when a lady could offer a time slot for an escort appointment. Nevertheless, we ask in each case again concretely and only then confirm the final requested by you. When bookings are received, they are not always taken into account in the overview for reasons of time. Therefore, this should only be considered as a rough guide. Better ask once more.

You will also find the availability of each lady on the individual Model Sedcard under the menu item "Availabilities".


Can clothing wishes be expressed to the escort model?

Of course, clothing requests can be expressed, which are also realized within the possibilities of the lady. If you liked a certain image of the lady with a corresponding piece of clothing, let us know this. You can also select appropriate clothing styles in the booking form. If you have any unusual wishes, you can also express them. If the lady agrees, she will buy the appropriate clothing in advance. Of course, the costs must be borne by you and transferred in advance. You see at Tia Escort nothing is impossible and your wishes are very important to us. However, it is much easier to buy the garment / accessory / high heels yourself and bring them to the date.

Booking Form

Discretion is very important at Tia Escort

Escort is an experience of a special kind, but often a delicate endeavor for many customers. Discretion is therefore the top priority at Tia Escort. Without discretion, no success in this business. True to this motto, we act and act for many years now. Tia Escort works successfully with celebrities. Trust us and we trust you. We only contact you if you wish. We offer you great freedom for a first booking if you want to remain anonymous.

How much do the pictures of the escort models correspond to reality?

True to the motto "What you see is what you get", we act of Tia Escort. Our customers appreciate that very much. Dates in which the customer had to detect a discrepancy between photo and reality, there was as good as ever in our company history. Of course, young ladies change: the hair color, the hair length, the breasts etc. Therefore, we strive to create new photos at regular intervals.

Are health checks performed regularly?

Yes, Tia Escort attaches great importance to regular ladies health tests. These must also be carried out annually in the course of the new ProstSchG [under 21 years even twice a year].

Do the ladies escort work as a side job?

It is a great concern for us that our budding escort models pursue a normal main job if they are not yet a student / student. Thus, we ensure that these ladies have a normal social background. That's what makes our ladies special. Outsiders can not say if the lady at your side is your girlfriend or maybe a booked model. These ladies are just looking for a new challenge and we offer this platform from Tia Escort to the ladies.

How much lead time does an escort date require?

Basically, you only ask a specific lady if your booking intention is really fixed. There are no picture book lead times. Of course, the sooner the better, especially if it is a specific lady. As a rule, we do not recommend more than 2-3 weeks before a date. Many ladies do not know their work plan / Uniplan yet. Thus, no reliable statement is possible. As a rule, a booking request on the same day or 1 day before is sufficient for a successful implementation. If the lead time is only a few hours, contact our customer care team preferably via telephone. The response times are the shortest here and promise the greatest success.

Booking Request

When are travel expenses due?

Travel costs are always due. Even within the homebase, travel expenses arise in the form of parking fees, taxi or rides [within metropolitan areas quite up to 1 hour in rush hour traffic]. An exception are airports in a city. These are usually not in the immediate vicinity of the city center. Thus you will find these listed separately.

The travel costs should not be a burden for the customer, so these are very fair at Tia Escort and remain additional costs. For the most important cities, you will find the respective travel expenses for a lady in the sedcard category "fee" - below the fee scale. Each lady herself determines the height. Especially since the demand can vary greatly depending on the means of transport.

If your city is not listed, ask for the travel expenses incurred by our team. In the case of further arrivals by plane or ICE, we only charge the actual travel expenses. Travel expenses remain additional costs with Tia Escort!

Appointment can not be perceived - what now?

You have booked an appointment with Tia Escort and must cancel it at short notice. What now ?

Tia Escort is very accommodating in this case. We all know how quickly business appointments are postponed or events cause a private appointment - in this case an escort date - can not be perceived. Our rule of thumb is: As long as the lady is not yet on the way to the agreed date, there are no costs. If the lady is already on the way, only the incurred travel costs. Booked flights etc. can not be refunded. Tia Escort is more than customer friendly with this scheme and quite an exception in the industry of high class services.

We are looking forward to your Feedback!

Feedbacks are very important to us. Only in this way can we keep the quality high. In addition, reviews offer other customers the opportunity to assess women better. The perspective of each customer is often very different. But that's what leads to an all-encompassing description of an escort model. The corresponding feedbacks of former customers can be found in the respective Model Sedcard under the heading "Feedbacks". Escort ladies are only human. Of course, reviews also help - especially with new escort models - to eliminate vulnerabilities.

We look forward to receiving your SMS or email with criticism, be it positive or negative in nature! It is even easier via the feedback button on each feedback page of the models. A note to the end: Tia Escort holds nothing of self-written reviews and condemns such machinations of other agencies to the extreme. After all, honesty always pays off.

Send Feedback

Are the ladies also to contact by phone in advance?

No, contact in advance by phone or email with the escort models is not welcome. The ladies pay Tia Escort an agency commission to take over exactly these services for the ladies. If you have questions, requests or other comments about a date, please let us know. We will then contact the ladies immediately and give you prompt feedback. We also like to forward your mail to the lady. Only just a direct contact is not possible. The privacy and anonymity of our ladies is superficial. And if you only want to hear the voice once, just use the voice sample button of each lady. You can find this on the model sedcard below the picture.

Ladies' voice sample for an easier decision

We want to make your booking decision even easier to find your dream escort model. In addition to authentic photos and feedback from former customers, we also provide you with voice samples from the escort models as an innovation. A voice can say a lot about a person: If the voice sounds sympathetic, how well can a lady express herself, the lady speaks perfect German, etc. You will find the voice sample of a lady [consent / provision provided] in the Modelsedcard. There is the button on which you only have to click. Have fun while listening ! A few ladies want a voice sample only for our VIP customers. We ask for your understanding.

Are the ladies also to book as a travel companion?

Of course, the ladies of Tia Escort can also be booked as a travel companion. Please inquire in time with us. Since all ladies do a main job, they must - if they do not belong to the self-employed or female students - submit a leave request to their employer beforehand. Only then can we communicate a secure commitment. A previous meeting or personal meeting in the form of a dinner date with the lady is recommended from our point of view.

How do I realize an escort meeting?

Often men come up to us and ask: How does "something like that" actually work? We will try to give a short and concise answer to this question below. First of all, look for a lady on our homepage that impresses you the most. The naming of an alternative is often helpful. Authentic photos, a voice sample, feedback from customers and a filter function including service selection are available for this. The ladies are usually mobile and bookable in every city. The resulting travel costs and a possible minimum length of stay for long distances from home can be found on the respective sedcard of the lady in the category "fee". Should you find the choice of lady (s) difficult, we can also advise you by phone or email. Our team is available daily. Also important are a specific date, a start time, the duration of the booking [the minimum booking period is 2 hours] and the place where the date should take place.

These data can then be sent to us, either via:

  1. Online Booking Form

  2. E-Mail

  3. Phone | SMS | WhatsApp to +4915150722181

Note: You can already check beforehand whether your chosen lady is even available on the relevant day.

Private Date - Sex or also Dinner?

Again and again new customers write us how a private date has to proceed. In general, there is no "timetable" for how a private date should proceed. How much eroticism and how much non-erotic talking entertainment / eating / drinking you share at this time, they determine together. But we like to give the hint to the gentlemen: The more you give a lady the feeling to be interested in her or to pay attention to her, the more you get back as a man.

What speaks for a booking at Tia Escort?

Tia Escort offers its customers:

  1. Natural, non-professional escort ladies with mostly German citizenship

  2. An always the same customer service team, which acts always honest and friendly

  3. An independent agency certified escort service "from the bottom up serious"

  4. Authentic and current high class photos of the models

  5. A new dimension in the escort service segment - the voice sample

  6. An above-average price-performance ratio on the market

  7. Accessibility also on Sundays and public holidays from 13:00 to 16:00

  8. Health tests of the models at regular intervals

  9. A transparent and stylish internet presence with almost all relevant information

  10. An extremely fast mobile version of the website for those on the go

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