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Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [we 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.] Office: | +49 1515 0722181 | office@tia-escort.de

Tia Escort | Team

Tia Escort Team Büro Räumlichkeiten

Who are the nice voices and competent hands, who bring together customers from Germany and around the world and nearly 40 escort models 7 days a week?

If you knew only voices and email signatures, then there is now an insight on the creators behind Tia Escort!

Creative Man of Action: Joerg

Tia Escort Team Mitglied Jörg Inhaber

Describe yourself in 3 words:
"Authentic. Creative. Determined."

... and what do your colleagues say about you?
"Always fair, humorous, absolutely professional and almost uncannily stress resistant."

Jörg is the head of the Tia Escort Team. As a graduate in business administration with many years of experience in responsible positions in the media industry, he has since 2009 made the agency what Tia Escort is today: one of the leading high-class escort agencies in Germany.

Despite his success, Jörg stayed on the ground and is an active part of the consulting team. If the "boss" just does not work Jˆrg enjoys it extensively to cook or he takes a short break at the sea and pursues his sporting passion, windsurfing.

Always happy: Melanie

Describe yourself in 3 words:
"Humorous. Spontaneous. Helpful. "

... and what do your colleagues say about you?
"Great voice, feminine, warmhearted, curious, dedicated, attractive and lady-like."

Melanie is the latest addition to the Tia team and a real winner!

The attractive blonde with many years of experience in health care keeps a clear head even in critical situations and never loses her smile. But the delicate facade may deceive: the beautiful voice on the phone is assertive and consistent - with charm.

In her free time she enjoys reading a good book, loves to go out, go shopping or relax in the spa.

Invisible Energetic: Simone

Describe yourself in 3 words:
"Eloquent. Helpful. Versatile."

... and what do your colleagues say about you?
"Multifaceted, talented, down-to-earth, always ready for action, animal-loving (cool) and close to nature."

The graduate in business administration was the first member of the extended Tia team and is Jˆrg's right hand substitute.

Whether website, bookkeeping, photos or texts - she loves it versatile and is the Tia angels at any time with words and deeds to the side. Before the native Rhinelander came to Tia Escort she spent some time in the US and Spain and was successful for many years independently.

After work, Simone enjoys nature with her dogs, on her American Quarter Horse or her mountain bike.

Imperturbable: Stephan

Describe yourself in 3 words:
"Helpful. Patiently. Humorous. "

... and what do your colleagues say about you?
"Uncomplicated, very competent and has a good answer to any even amateur question!"

As a programmer, Stephan is the technical framework and backbone of Tia Escort.

No matter what time of day, the computer scientist is ready to help and keeps the technology of the popular website up and running. No matter how complicated and sometimes almost too creative the ideas are, Stephan translates every wish of the team into user-friendly pages and tools.

Free time ... he must first look up the word ;-).

Voyeur-creator: Leon

Describe yourself in 3 words:
"Unconventional. Warmly. Experiment. "

... and what do your colleagues say about you?
"Cool, sympathetic, unique, creative, warmhearted, animal-loving and humorous."

Leon came to photography via many detours. His life is full of unusual stations until he found after many years to his true vocation.

Leon has been working successfully for years in the advertising and erotic industry and organizes exhibitions. His work has already been published in numerous magazines.

When Leon is not working behind the camera, he loves to visit flea markets in the 70s style and is always on location with his buddy Barney. His motto: "If you have managed to make the image viewer a voyeur, then the goal has been reached."

Feelgood Managerin: Sissi

Tia Escort Team Mitglied Sissi Feel Good Manager